Friday, 30 December 2011

Can I Really Make Money From Home with ZNZ?

Can I Really Make Money From Home with ZNZ, Is It Really FREE, and
Can I Really Start Making Money Today?
Yes, yes, and yes! Yes, you can certainly make money from home with "ZNZ", and I will explain why and how you can do so if you are willing to read the paragraphs of text below (hey that rhymed!). Yes, it is indeed FREE (in big letters!), as in it doesn't HAVE to cost you anything to join, and it NEVER will have to cost you anything. Yes, technically you can start making money as soon as you get this thing set-up. Now, Will you make the type of money that elephants don't snort through their trunks? No (elephants don't actually snort peanuts through their trunks by the way). Like anything else in life, you WILL need to put in TIME and EFFORT if you want to make money that is actually worth making. The advantage with this - the advantage with ZNZ; you get to do it while sitting in a computer chair, in front of a computer... at home!
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Is This A Scam?
Well, first off I assure you that this is NOT a scam. Trying to run A scam, or being a part of A scam is something that is so against my morals and my character as a person. I honestly don't know how I'd live my life running around fooling other people, and I truly wonder how some people can live their lives running around taking advantage of other people. But I get that you are not just going to instantly be happy-go-lucky-jolly and be all "Okay, if you say so mister!" with me just because I just said what I just said. I realize that you have questions, I realize there has been many "work from home" scams, I realize you wonder how it could be FREE (in big letters!), your wondering how you could make more money from this, than what you are currently making pushing a mop at burger king (well maybe your not wondering that, maybe that one is obvious) but your wondering! Your wondering why it has no out-of-pocket investment, your wondering why you don't have to spend a DIME (a DIME! A...DIME!), your wondering WHY! And In all honesty and seriousness, that's what you SHOULD be wondering. Because you'd be either naive, foolish or lacking in self-respect, if you didn't ask a few questions before you agreed to something. So... this is why I have spent my time jotting down... the following.
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What is ZNZ?
For those of you that know, and for those of you that don't know. ZNZ, or Zip Nada Zilch, or is an "affiliate internet marketing" company established in 2007 that promotes and advertises products for other companies such as,, or DirectTV. Affiliate marketing is when an "affiliate" goes out and advertises for companies and receives a commission for their efforts. So basically, ZNZ is payed a commission every time that it successfully produces a lead for one of the companies that it is affiliated with. Makes sense?
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ZNZ One & ZNZ Big Cash
Instead of ZNZ doing all of the work by itself, (and making all of the pieces of rectangle by itself), it decided that it would be beneficial for all, if it allowed us to have a piece of the action (or a piece of rectangle). So... "ZNZ One" & "ZNZ Big Cash" were created by ZNZ in early 2011, and are programs that allow us to make money when WE advertise for ZNZ. Now, every time we produce a successful lead for ZNZ, we are rewarded with (yes) a commission. ZNZ One will pay you a $20 commission per lead, ZNZ Big Cash will pay you a $60 to $80 commission per lead. So basically, we are doing affiliate marketing for ZNZ, just like ZNZ is doing affiliate marketing for these others companies. Makes sense?
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How Does It Works?
So, You'll click on one of the various links that I have strategically scattered throughout this blog (or so I thought was going to be strategic at the time of writing...) and sign up under me as MY referral (or be uncool and spiteful and choose to sign up as an un-referred member at the main ZNZ site). Once the webpage has loaded, You'll put in your name, phone number and email address in the spaces provided and click the "get access now" button. From there, you'll be taken to another page, where you can watch the video hosted by "Chuck Marshall", which will show you exactly how to get started (I recommend that you watch this video) . Then, you'll sign up at ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash (as my referral of course), you'll first have to gain "1.00 credit point" by trying one or more of the "offers" (many of which are Free... I mean, FREE!) (If you want to pay for an offer, you can do so as well, which is why I said "it doesn't HAVE to cost you anything". I know you were "wondering"). After you have gained your 1.00 credit point you will then be forever eligible to refer others to do the EXACT SAME THING and receive commissions from ZNZ every time you do the EXACT SAME THING. Makes sense?
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Is This A Scam?
Well, like I said I spent my time jotting down the former to try to disprove this accusation. But I know... I know there's only so much that I can do and I know some people will still with their pride try to remain on their high-horse and say "Ha, no way, I'm not falling for this one Wilma!". Now, if your one of these high-horsers or if you just feel that you need more information for confirmation (another rhyme!) - your absolutely free to search (or scour!) the web and wherever else for more info, your free to search (scour!) for all the info that you need, and for all the info that you want before coming to a decision. However, remember that this is NOT for everyone, so if you feel that this is NOT for you, then please go to the top-right-corner of the screen and click on the boxed x - please DON'T sign up. Don't waste my time and more importantly do not waste YOUR time if your going to just sign up and not do anything. However, if you DO feel that this is something for you, and you DO want to sign up... then be sure to sign up under me... as that would be the right, righteous and respectful thing to do... Smiley
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In Closing
I know that was a long read, and so I genuinely thank you for allowing me your time. Hopefully I have given you enough information and you'll decide to join ZNZ (as MY referral!). If not, hopefully I didn't waste your time, as hopefully you were able to learn something. Thank you and much appreciation. Now go run off into cyperspace and make something of yourself!

Peace & Respect,
Ime Phomello


"It's easy for a man to believe a big lie, than a small truth
- NaS